EM017<br />Dirty K - Myogi 妙義


Dirty K

Myogi 妙義

Dirty K presents a turbocharged manifesto of Rave music, carved from East Asia’s native electronic mutations.

Myogi 妙義 is the latest chapter in Dirty K’s exploration and reclamation of East Asia’s rave sonics. Following from his previous work on Tokyo Renaissance / Kazumi, Dirty K blending the sonic strands of Japanese Hypertechno, Heisei rave and club culture in Asia to present a localised, specific perspective on East Asian rave culture.


  1. Intro (Live My Life) [01:58]
  2. Taipei Prince [03:33]
  3. Myogi 妙義 feat.T5UMUT5UMU [03:32]
  4. Hello Hurray [04:02]
  5. Tokyo Sturdy [03:15]
  6. Taipei Prince (WRACK Remix) [03:04]
  7. Hello Hurray (pìccolo Remix) [04:48]
  8. Taipei Prince (Sonia Calico Remix) [04:06]

Released February 21, 2024

All tracks written, produced and performed by Dirty K
Mixed & mastered by Tsui Honagi

Track 3 co-written, co-produced & performed with T5UMUT5UMU
Track 6 co-produced by & performed with WRACK
Track 7 co-produced by & performed with pìccolo
Track 8 co-produced by & performed with Sonia Calico