EM013<br />LVRA - soft like steel: reforged



soft like steel: reforged

Delving deper into the world of 'soft like steel', featuring twst on a glistening anthem splicing intergalactic elements & four re-imaginations from Aloka, Jensen Interceptor, Sonia Calico & LVRA.


  1. pressure (feat. twst) [02:54]
  2. soft like steel (Feel It Mix) [03:52]
  3. welcome - Aloka Remix [04:12]
  4. soft like steel - Jensen Interceptor Remix [05:01]
  5. venom - Sonia Calico Remix [04:19]

Released November 15, 2023

All tracks written, produced and performed by LVRA
Mixed by Brendan Cox
Mastered by Tim Turan
Track 1 co-written by and featuring twst
Track 3 co-produced by and performed with Aloka
Track 4 co-produced and performed with Jensen Interceptor
Track 5 co-produced by and performed with Sonia Calico
Artwork Photography by Jeff Hahn
Artwork 3D Design by Angie Penna-Li