EM009<br />Rinsaga - Saga




Eight tracks of Occult Euphoria & Acid Grunge Nihilism.

‘Saga’ is born from struggle, but its tracks thrash against the violence of an unfulfilled existence. Rinsaga finds solace in the noise and distortion of life’s harshness.


  1. 叛キ仔 Somukiko [01:23]
  2. We? [02:45]
  3. I’m So Fine [02:42]
  4. My Song [02:19]
  5. 円 Yen [05:27]
  6. Chains [02:28]
  7. Sugar [02:10]
  8. Me? [05:49]

Released July 28, 2022

All songs written & performed by Rinsaga and Miru Shinoda
All songs produced by Miru Shinoda
Mastering by Wax Alchemy
Mixing by Atsu Otaki (EVOEL STUDIO)
Main Cover and Photography by Kenta Yamamoto
Rinsaga Logo by Yume Satoh
Singles Covers by Khalisha Tambunan
Artwork Design by Anthony Ko