EM006<br />PianWooo - Bird’s Eye View



Bird’s Eye View

Survival & perserverance. Bird’s Eye View is based on the parable of the frog in the well, the tiny creature making its way out of a narrow confinement to see the vast open world out there.


  1. Yamang [02:32]
  2. Bird’s Eye View (ft. Renaqami) [03:00]
  3. Kawasaki (ft. Ill Japonia) [02:56]
  4. Only (ft. Renaqami) [03:20]
  5. I Don’t Know [02:35]


Released December 2, 2021

All tracks written and performed by PianWooo
All tracks produced and mixed by Pav
Track 1 ‘Yamang’ featuring Guitar by Yangrae Choi
Track 2 ‘Kawasaki’ co-written by and featuring Ill Japonia
Track 4 ‘Only’ co-written and featuring Pav
Cover Image by Aj (IG: @electric_lake)
Cover Design by Anthony Ko and Lumi
Cover Typeface "Xevo" by Federica Aulenta