EM005<br />Rainbow Chan - Stanley


Rainbow Chan


Inspired by the recorded mixtapes of Rainbow Chan’s grandmother’s bedside, Stanley is like an old, loved tape, re-recorded and passed down through generations of family, but always retaining traces of its warm core. Completely self produced, Stanley is a celebration of classic song-writing through melancholy and nostalgia.


  1. Heavy 沉重 [03:44]
  2. Ylang Ylang 依蘭 [02:47]
  3. Idols 偶像 [03:59]
  4. Love Note 情書 [03:42]
  5. Doing Word 動詞 [03:12]
  6. You're Not Him 你不是他 [03:47]
  7. Eudaimonia 幸福感 [04:00]
  8. Heavy 沉重 (Chinese Version) [03:52]

Released November 25, 2021

All tracks written, produced and performed by Rainbow Chan, 2020-2021
Heavy 沉重 (Chinese Version) translated by Entity 97 and Rice Yao
Mixed by Matthew Hadley
Mastered by Andrei Eremin
3D Artwork by Cattin Tsai
Design by Anthony Ko and Fat Boy Zine
Cover Photograph by Walter Maurice
Rainbow Chan wears Jillian Boustred