EM004<br />Primula - Root Layers



Root Layers

Adolescent electronics, nostalgia pulses. Root Layers sees Primula weave a kaleidoscopic thread between the purity of youth and the roots of reality.

Primula inhabits the liminal space between ambient, grime and dubstep - soaking it all in psychedelic nostalgia. In Root Layers, he draws from a boyhood joy that threads a memory from lurid grime synths to video games soundtracks, UK bass music to panoramic ambient.


  1. 想像 (feat. ONJUICY) [02:39]
  2. translucent transformation (feat. Ill Japonia) [03:31]
  3. Cmuhn [03:42]
  4. Jeopardy (feat. Prettybwoy) [04:15]

Released April 23, 2021

All songs mastered, written and produced by Primula
Track 1 “想像”, featuring and co-written by ONJUICY
Track 2 “translucent transformation”, featuring and co-written by Ill Japonia
Track 4 “Jeopardy” co-produced by Prettybwoy
Artwork Photography by Masaki Watanabe
Artwork Embroidery by Nicole Chui
Creative Direction by Anthony Ko