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Magic Legacy

Hentai idol; Otaku purity, QQBBG is the Hong-Kong based artist subverting orientalist fantasies.

QQBBG’s world blends the escapist fantasies of Hentai and Manga with the jagged textures of deconstructed club. Drawing from the vocabulary of the global URL generation, QQBBG’s stretches whispered thirst traps & voicemail blowouts to their figurative event horizon - breaking them down until they take on new meaning.


  1. Ring! Ring! Ring! Aishiteru [02:36]
  2. 夏日閪水禮 Summer E Water [03:20]
  3. Hentai Babe 変態ベイビ [03:33]
  4. Virtual Love 虛擬恋愛 [02:14]
  5. 144 Sweet [04:17]
  6. 夏日閪水禮 Summer E Water (ASJ Remix) [02:51]

Released July 31, 2020

All songs written & performed by QQBBG
Track 1 Produced by Backlit, Tracks 2,3 & 5 Produced by Mixjointings, Track 4 Produced by Future Otaku, Track 6 Remixed by ASJ
Track 1-5 Mastered by Mixjointings, Track 6 Mastered by ASJ
Artwork: 陳品陶 & Badbettyboop
Design: Anthony Ko