EM001<br />Ill Japonia - III


Ill Japonia


‘Ill’ is vulnerability and introspection; screamed to the world with pride. Tracing a line between the swagger of The Blue Hearts, the ecstasy of Babymetal and the vivacity of Shibuya’s 2020 rap scene, Ill Japonia places a marker in the sand for all challengers.


  1. Sauna Mizuburo [02:48]
  2. Social Alien Riot [02:37]
  3. 箱庭 (feat. Roller Girl) [03:50]
  4. MIZEL [03:48]
  5. Lounge Muzak [03:23]

Released February 7, 2020

All songs written, produced & recorded by Ill Japonia
Mastered by ENA
Creative Direction: Xiao Wei-Lu & Adjorka
Photography: Adjorka
Typography: bod [包家巷]
Design: Anthony Ko
Video: Zhudi Zhu