The professor.

obese.dogma777, born Jorge Juan B. Wieneke, formerly known as similarobjects, is a professor in the learned ways of Filipino electronic music. With a diploma in Budots from the school of Jeepney Core, his current research sees him striving to fuse technology, video games, and art through polystylism, spirituality, and esoteric theories.


Redline Legends

Redline Legends

Redline Legends is our celebration of the raw, Hi-NRG electronic club mutations native to East & South-East Asia: Funkot to Manyao, Budots to Vinahouse. This is a Full Moon Party, but the Moon stands for Moonshine.

These are the sounds of Jakarta curbside Mobile Legends sessions, Kuala Lumpur traffic jams, Taipei Temple Raves and 5AM Banh Mi stands in Saigon. All part of the same tapestry - breakneck BPMs & maximalist palettes.